Who am I?

Hi to whoever is out there reading this blog.  Thanks for reading about my life :). You can call me May. I’m an 18-year-old who decided that wanted to try out blogging. I dream of having a YouTube channel one day and I thought, what better than to start out small and try to see if I could keep up with a blog first. I’m currently enrolled in college at the moment. I ask myself if college is really the way to go for me and I’m unsure. I know many of us may fall into this category and I hope that one day  I get a few viewers so that I’m not out here talking to myself. Even if that is the case, I’m okay with that.


Been MIA, need advice

Hi guys, sorry I have been MIA, been really busy with school and I just went back home for my spring break to visit the family cat.

I want to ask for your guys’ opinion on whether I should get a cat or not?

I live in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. I also live with another person and each of our rooms is connected to our bathrooms. We share the kitchen and living room. It is 845  square ft. I want to get a cat but I also want it to have a good home and space to live in. I also go to school and I love (LOVEEEE) pets so I feel that I would be able to give it an adequate amount of love.


Currently in class

I’m in class now. I woke up late and made it 15 minutes late only to find out that I had done my homework incorrectly. I just love staying up for hours only to find out that I did my assignment all wrong. I’m frustrated right now and questioning my “skills”. Do I drop out? or do I keep going? Ugh, I’m almost done with my first year and I can’t quit now.


3 am

I’m currently taking a break from homework (Industrial Design major). The sad part is, its about 3 am and I have an 8 am class. Whoopdedoo how fun right? Well, I can already tell I won’t be sleeping and so I decided why not write a little? My homework is supposed to be to make 21 sketches of a toothbrush.🙄  I’m not rolling my eyes at the sketches but at the number 21!!!!! Who in the world can come up with 21 different ideas? well, not me. I might post some of my work on here someday.